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Automatic monitoring of railway geometry

Earth works or heavy constructions in the vicinity of live railway track can be a high risk activity. However, normal operations of the railway track with a high volume of traffic can continue alongside construction work, provided that adequate real-time monitoring is provided

The solution is to install a reliable, accurate and real-time monitoring system with advanced processing capabilities. We assess monitoring data against standard track geometry parameters such as cant, top, line, short and long twist, as well as any number of user-defined parameters.

In addition we provide a powerful and reliable alarm management system to inform the stakeholders in real-time for triggering remedial actions.

Capabilities & Flagship Solutions

The core part of our real-time railway monitoring system is the Cyclops system with prisms mounted on tracks or slippers, which is a compliant solution with Australian (esc201) and New Zealand regulations.

However, other monitoring sensors are also used, as required by your specific project and application, such as wireless tiltmeters and tiltbeams.

Additional technologies can provide valuable information relating to the movement of the surrounding structures and environment which can act as an early warning of adverse effects to the railway track.

Featured Railways Projects

Breakfast Creek

The Breakfast Creek Sewer Augmentation Project involves the construction of a new 1.8-metre diameter trunk sewer pipe over a one-kilometer distance, stretching from Bowen Hills to Windsor.

Sixense has been contracted to develop and execute a monitoring system aligned with Queensland Rail's specifications. A Rail Infrastructure Monitoring Action Plan (RIMAP) has been devised to tailor the installation of an automated monitoring system. This enables real-time monitoring as the tunnel boring machine (TBM) advances over the sensitive rail lines during construction.


Cyclops + 102 Prisms

Breakfast Creek Breakfast Creek

City Loop tunnels

The construction of the State Library Station Cavern of the Melbourne Metro Tunnel project involves mining twin nozzle tunnels that come within less than 1m of the existing City Loop tunnels, which are critical to the smooth running of Melbourne's entire public transport network and must not be impacted in any way.

Sixense has installed its patented Cyclops system in each of the four City Loop tunnels for the monitoring of tunnel deformation in real-time. Displacement data with sub-millimetre precision is delivered to our client in real-time whilst trains continuously travel through the tunnel, ensuring all stakeholders that tunnel construction works are not impacting the safe operation of existing passenger train services.




Live railway tunnels


Monitoring prisms


Distance from new to existing tunnel

City Loop tunnels City Loop tunnels City Loop tunnels

City Rail Link - C6

The City Rail Link (CRL) Contract C6 involves storm water diversion works in Mt. Eden for the construction of a new underground storm water tunnel between Water and Nikau Streets. Sixense has been selected to install and monitor groundwater and structure deformation sensors during micro TBM works.

Deformation monitoring included deploying Sixense's patented Cyclops system to monitor KiwiRail railway tracks in real-time, which included calculation of track parameters, such as gradient, cant, twist, vert and horz. Groundwater monitoring was conducted wirelessly using a proprietary site-wide radio datalogging system. Geoscope was used to display data and generate reports, where any sensor reading exceeding set thresholds will automatically generate alarms that are distributed to all stakeholders.




Road monitoring prisms


Rail monitoring prisms


Groundwater piezometer

City Rail Link - C6 City Rail Link - C6

Level Crossing Removal Project

The Victorian Government is removing 75 dangerous and congested level crossings across Melbourne by 2025, the largest project of its kind in Victorian history. The level crossing at Glenroy Road, Glenroy is being removed by lowering the rail line under the road.

Sixense have installed structural monitoring sensors, including monitoring prisms, tiltmeters and crackmeters, on sensitive infrastructure adjacent to the works and is providing real-time monitoring, with data, sensor exceedance alarms and reports available in Geoscope.

Additionally, Sixense is providing environmental consultancy services to optimise the works and provide mitigation measures where applicable. Environmental monitoring is also being carried out using noise and vibration sensors, with data available in Geoscope.





Level Crossing Removal Project Level Crossing Removal Project Level Crossing Removal Project

Northland Rail Upgrade

Work is underway to rejuvenate the rail line in Northland, which includes replacing five bridges and lowering the tracks in 13 tunnels to allow larger sized shipping containers to be carried on the line. KiwiRail has contracted Sixense to provide real time convergence monitoring of the tunnels along the rail line.

Due to the remote locations of the tunnels, a wireless solution with real-time data transfer has been proposed. At each tunnel, a number of convergence arrays has been installed consisting of laser distance meters installed to measure convergence of the tunnel shoulders and crown. Data is displayed in Geoscope, with real-time alarms triggered and sent to key stakeholders when set thresholds of convergence are exceeded.




laser distance meters

Northland Rail Upgrade Northland Rail Upgrade Northland Rail Upgrade

WestConnex M5

The New M5 tunnel is Stage 2 of WestConnex, Australia’s largest integrated transport and urban revitalisation project and is being delivered by Sydney Motorway Corporation (SMC) on behalf of the NSW Government.

Sixense has designed and installed a system to monitor track deformations in real-time during adjacent tunnel construction works. Our patented Cyclops system is measuring track-parameters, such as top, line, cant and twist with millimetric precision, and sending real-time alarms to stakeholders when set thresholds are exceeded.


Solar powered Cyclops


Track monitoring prisms


Live railway tracks

WestConnex M5 WestConnex M5 WestConnex M5

Williamstown Railway Line

A number of sensitive infrastructures exist along the path of West Gate Tunnel project, which require monitoring to ensure their safe and continued operation, one of which is the Williamstown railway track.

Sixense has installed a Cyclops system to monitor the displacement of the Williamstown railway tracks in real-time. Prisms are installed and monitored to ensure track movement is within tolerances, with data sent wirelessly to Geoscope for data visualisation and reporting. Any movement of track monitoring prisms exceeding set thresholds will automatically trigger alarms to be sent to the stakeholders involved.


Solar powered Cyclops


Track monitoring prisms

Williamstown Railway Line Williamstown Railway Line Williamstown Railway Line
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