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Risk mitigation in knowledge of soils, infrastructure and the environment

Foundation construction can involve deep excavations, piling works, dewatering, and heavy machinery. These works must be carried out in a safe and controlled way, both for the workers on site, and for the neighbours and stakeholders around the site.

Sixense provides the full range of geotechnical, structural and environmental sensors required to monitor foundation construction works, with expert know-how and tailored solutions to suit your project.

All data is reported in our monitoring information hub Geoscope, where real-time alarms can be triggered and reports generated at the click of a button.

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Featured Foundations Projects


The Barangaroo development project is completing the sweep of experiences along the Sydney CBD western waterfront and involves the construction of a number of landmark towers and structures.

A comprehensive and integrated real-time monitoring system was installed to monitor the foundation excavation and construction. Due to the heavily polluted ground material, all instruments were automated with wireless real-time dataloggers, to reduce man-power on site, and streamline data collection and reporting.


Load cells


Automatic inclinometers


Groundwater piezometer


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Barangaroo Barangaroo

Quay Street

To protect Quay Street in downtown Auckland, seismic strengthening of the 100-year-old seawall is needed to secure the area for the next 100 years. Without the Seawall, significant parts of downtown would be under water.

The Quay Street construction site has noise limits set at low levels due to many hotels operating in the area, especially when night-time works are required. The solution that has been deployed is NOVIA, a machine learning sound recognition algorithm for noise management developed by SIXENSE.


Noise monitors


Vibration monitors


Alarms processed


Classification accuracy

Quay Street Quay Street Quay Street

Ciel Residential Tower

The Ciel Residential Tower in Dubai is a supertall skyscraper planned for the Dubai Marina. It is situated directly adjacent to the world-famous Cayan Tower on the north side of the Marina. Planned to be a 76‐floor high-end residential tower, the Ciel Tower will become a local landmark.

Sixense is performing the monitoring of the site to enhance safety, provide data for the verification of the initial design, and ensure that the tolerances associated with various structures/elements within the zone of influence are not exceeded.




Optical prisms & Cyclops




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Ciel Residential Tower Ciel Residential Tower Ciel Residential Tower
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