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Making your dam safer

Dam safety is primarily based on robust design and construction. Monitoring the structure allows to verify the short or long term behaviour is what is expected or if unforeseen phenomena need to be further investigated. The monitoring system depends on the type of dam, its dimensions, its age, the method of construction, as well as the specific conditions of the site, in particular those related to the foundations.

We've been implementing automatic monitoring systems for tailings, embankment and concrete dams, including their foundations for more than 20 years.

Our services also extend to inspection, testing of concrete structures, soil characterisation, leak detection, digital model & numerical simulation.

Services can be as simple as replacing or upgrading existing instrumentation or to providing an entirely new turn-key system.

Capabilities & Flagship Solutions

Measured parameters include structural deformation, movement, temperature, pressure, seepage and drainage.

Data related to the surroundings of the dam, such as the weather conditions, hydrology and stability of the broader area can also be included in the monitoring system.

All data is collected in a single platform - Geoscope - for display, processing and reporting. The platform includes advanced processing capabilities like the Hydrostatic, Seasonal, Time displacement (HST) model for greater insights.

Featured Dams Projects

Upper Yarra Dam

Melbourne Water Corporation requires the construction of safety upgrades to the Upper Yarra Dam to reduce the dam safety risk of the storage facility to acceptable levels.

Sixense are designing, procuring and installing a range of instrumentation to support the dam safety upgrade works. This includes:

- Existing instrumentation which is located, protected and reinstated with upgraded datalogging systems

- New instrumentation to provide additional monitoring capabilities within the dam wall and it's surrounds






Groundwater piezometers


Weir monitors

Upper Yarra Dam Upper Yarra Dam

Boadella dam

The Boadella’s reservoir is responsible for the irrigation and drinking water supply for Figueres City, in Catalonia. After intensive investigation of the dam’s monitoring system, several weaknesses were found.

SIXENSE was in charge of performing the refurbishment of the monitoring system, providing and installing new sensors, a central data acquisition system and the control software, Geoscope, for real-time data analysis and automatic reporting.


Inverted pendulum (Photo)


Hydraulic piezometer




Seismic systems

Boadella dam Boadella dam

Cherokee & Douglas dams

The concrete dams were built in the 1940’s and needed to be updated to more current standards to withstand a 1000 year flood. In order to withstand this type of event, the design called for the installation of rock anchors into the concrete blocks in both the spillway and non-overflow zones.

To mitigate the risk of failure during the work, a real-time deformation monitoring solution using Cyclops has been installed and operated.




Survey prisms


for alarms & reporting

Cherokee & Douglas dams Cherokee & Douglas dams Cherokee & Douglas dams
Sixense Oceania

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