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Comprehensive Structure Health Monitoring solutions

Our Structural Health Monitoring solutions have been optimised for either cable stayed or suspension bridges. The systems are used by infrastructure managers, consultants and contractors for monitoring one or several assets to mitigate risk and optimise maintenance.

Our team includes civil engineers and sensor & software specialists allowing us to understand your needs and propose bespoke solutions with an emphasis on quality and durability.

Capabilities & Flagship Solutions

EverSense® system can scale from a standalone sensor to the integration of hundreds of sensors. The scope of sensors covers all aspect of the structure with centralised data acquisition system and real-time data processing.

It includes, but is not limited to, corrosion monitoring in post-tensioned & reinforced concrete structures, crack & micro-crack monitoring, stay-cable fatigue monitoring or early scour monitoring.

Featured Bridges Projects

ANZAC Bridge

Sixense installed a structural health monitoring system (SHMS) on the ANZAC bridge in 2011 to assess the long-term behaviour of the stay cables on the long run for detecting any potential early stage degradation.

Data is continuously recorded and processed in real-time to trigger alarms in case of threshold exceedances. In addition, quarterly reports are provided to the owner, highlighting the evolution of the structure.


Acoustic sensors


Monostrand load cell


2D Accelerometer


Months of monitoring

ANZAC Bridge ANZAC Bridge ANZAC Bridge

West Gate Bridge

The West Gate Bridge is an iconic structure of the Melbourne landscape, spanning the Yarra River just north of its mouth into Port Phillip. It is a vital link between the inner city and Melbourne's western suburbs.

To accommodate the increasing traffic, the bridge was enlarged to 2 x 4 lanes a decade ago and a deformation monitoring system is installed to track the structure.

Water level radar

3D deformation monitoring

West Gate Bridge West Gate Bridge

Bosphore 3 Bridge

Yavuz Sultan Selim bridge is the 3rd Bosphore bridge linking Asia to Europe 30km north from Istanbul. The bridge was open to traffic in august 2016.

The bridge is subject to heavy traffic bewteen the two continents, stong winds from the Black Sea and significant earthquakes due to the movement of the tectonic plates in the area. Considering those environmental risks Sixense has been asked to install and maintain a complete structure health monitoring system.




Types of sensors

Bosphore 3 Bridge Bosphore 3 Bridge

Rion - Antirion

The Rion-Antirion bridge (Harilaos Trikoupis Bridge) links mainland Greece to Peloponnese at the west side of the Corithe Gulf near Partas. It has a 2.2 km span, supported by 4 diamond shaped pylons.

The environment in which the bridge was constructed combines a number of physical challenges and thus makes this project particularly complex: a strait of about 2,500m width, deep water (up to 65m) combined with deep soil strata of weak alluviums, possibility of strong seismic activity, tectonic movements and adverse high wind actions.

A Structural Health Monitoing (SHM) system was specially designed to survey the behaviour of the bridge subjected to this difficult environment.


Years of service



Rion - Antirion Rion - Antirion Rion - Antirion

Normandy Bridge

The Tancarville bridge is a suspended structure 960 ml long allowing to cross the Seine near its estuary. The structure consists of a metal deck suspended by 2 pairs of carrying cables.

Sixense has installed a global structure health monitoring system and inspect on regular bassis all aspects of the infrastructure to assess its conditions wit ha particular attention to the stay cables using the USCAN technology.


Inspected strands


Stay cable inspected

Normandy Bridge Normandy Bridge Normandy Bridge

Agigea Bridge

The cable-stayed bridge over the Danube-Black Sea Canal is located in the area of ​​the Constanta sea port.

The bridge ensures the connection between the North and South areas of the port, currently separated by the Danube-Black Sea waterway, near the town of Agigea.




magneto-elastic sensors


Settlements makers


Monitoring prisms

Agigea Bridge Agigea Bridge
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