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Integrated & comprehensive data management system.

Sixense Oceania

Geoscope™ is a state-of-the-art monitoring information hub.

The platform is truly versatile, fit for projects of any size but particularly well-suited to large projects where different types of data are consolidated for analysis.

  • Total Station / prisms from all manufacturers)
  • Reflectorless laser point (Centaur)
  • Atlas-InSAR (Satellite monitoring)
  • Piezometer
  • Level-meter
  • Inclinometer
  • Tilt-meter
  • Crack-meter
  • Extensometer
  • Dewatering borehole
  • Settlement gauges
  • Liquid Level
  • Continuous Operating Ref System (CORS)
  • Process parameters (TBM pressure, flow…)
  • Noise & vibrations
  • Dust & Air quality
  • Rain falls
  • Weather data
  • Manual readings
  • Visual inspections
  • CCTV
  • Attached documents

Geoscope™ Features

All your data in one place

Geoscope is a data hub that manages all types of geotechnical, structural and environmental data with an emphasis on real-time monitoring.

Geoscope is versatile, whilst equally suited to small projects with a few sensors and large & complex projects with thousands of sensors.

All your data in one place

A comprehensive eco-system

The Geoscope platform includes a desktop, web and mobile application. It takes into consideration the size and portability of each platform for a better user experience.

The mobile application (IOS & Android) is dedicated to alarm management: receive notification, visualise & analyse time series data, acknowledge alarms with comments & share the information.

A comprehensive eco-system

Dynamic acquisition of 3rd party data

As a data hub, Geoscope acquires data from third parties in real time, allowing for enhanced data analytics and insights.

Dynamic acquisition of 3rd party data

Powerful alarm & reporting features

Alarm management and data reporting are the key deliverables of a monitoring system.

Geoscope includes a powerful alarm management system across the ecosystem as well as automatic integrated data reporting.

Powerful alarm & reporting features

Versatile & customisable

For monitoring a tunnel, heritage building, railway, mine or waterway, Geoscope is a tool box that allows to create your own application, whatever its domain and size.

Versatile & customisable
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